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See it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Molly Cain | Life Coaching 

My name is Molly Cain, Unsinkable for short. I am a Certified Life Coach who focuses on helping people impacted by a brain injury (BI/TBI) find the necessary balance. 


My passion is helping others find the confidence and courage to be their light while facing their obstacles with self-confidence and meeting trauma where they are—working through personal development. And learning how to re-focus your transitional phase. 

Let me be your beacon of support, and let's GOPHER your goals into your reality today!

*I only work with women: she/non-binary/transgender. 

The FIRST step...

Are you ready to create the life you want to live?


Are you someone who is battling trauma: physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally? ​

Are you struggling with self-confidence?

Are you undergoing a transition: overcoming a TBI, trauma, divorce, separation, career changes, or financial distress?

Are you ignited to understand better the mental blocks and insecurities preventing you from moving forward? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I could help.

My program will allow you to create the space to gain clarity and identify your goals while learning to ask for what you want.  

Get ready and learn how to "GOPHER" your success.

Build your toolbox, saying goodbye to your limiting beliefs and hello to prosperity!

Schedule a free consultation with me today.



We all want to have more control over our lives, yet the only thing we have FULL control over is how we choose to spend our time. 


Let me be a beacon of support for you on your journey to GOPHER'ing your dreams into your reality - YOU are the decider. 

Phone: 720-239-2288

| Find your passion and voice |

"I align solely with light and love, everything else is non-existant."

Schedule a 
30 -minute Consultation


Molly is an exceptional coach for many reasons, mainly because she embodies what she teaches and coaches women through! 


In every aspect of life, you can witness Molly treating others with love and kindness, challenging us to reframe our thinking, and encouraging us to let go of limiting beliefs!  She also has used the program to work through her challenges in life, using biking and endurance training to build her confidence, set and crush goals, and become the best individual she can be.  


This is what makes Molly such an inspirational woman and brilliant life coach!   

Robyn Klein | Behavior Instructional Coach

The Gopher program created by Molly Cain was informational, motivational, insightful, fun, and excellently guided by a warm soul.


After working through the Gopher program, I created a system to help better my daily life living with a chronic illness. This will not only improve my life, but I will also be able to put my better energy toward others.


I highly recommend this program to all women ready to empower themselves and those looking for a system to help them attain their goals in ways geared toward success. 

Katheryn Bolt | Cronic Illness Survivor

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