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Meet Unsinkable-Molly-Cain

Molly Cain, Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach | Founder of 501(C)(3) (SMILE #UWokeUp) |

Author (Just Love Me) | Motivational Speaker and Life Enthusiast


Beautiful souls - I am a passionate woman who wants to help you accelerate your life by unleashing your inner battles and fears, letting go of limiting beliefs, and choosing confidence to lead the way. 


Molly's Mantra: The world is your playground; what will you create?

Unsinkable-Molly-Cain started as a venture propelled in March 2012 when I had an accident in my home while living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Unfortunately, the verdict was that I was in a coma. 

Waking up at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado, zipped in a pose bed (mesh, tent-like structure), and not knowing anything about myself or life was a pretty odd feeling. Once I reached a certain level of mobility, I was discharged from Craig Hospital to continue my therapy by doing outpatient therapy at a hospital near my hometown in Illinois, where I had a copious amount of family and support. (HUGE)

After I re-learned how to walk, talk, eat, shower, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and, oh yeah, my name. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to move back to Colorado 9-months later. 

You can only imagine the goals that were set and overcome, the fears that followed, and the needed confidence. 

I GOPHER'd a plan that took me from being in a coma to becoming an author, motivational speaker, Founder of 501(C)(3), Ironman Triathlete and Ultramarathoner, Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur,  dog mom, complete lover of life and all that surrounds me - as well as my everyday life. 

"What fears are standing in your way? Are you ready to release these? From personal experience, I know of a gateway that works. - ASK ME "

Through my healing journey, I found many outlets and releases. First, though, I clenched onto writing as it was mobility to get dexterity back for my hand while learning how to move and control my limbs simultaneously. 


In 2014, two short years after the accident, my mother and I co-authored a book together that was self-published, Love Me, telling a story about a young woman who persevered through the unknown. Holding onto nothing but a vision, wrapped in confidence and faith, and the phrase that got her out of bed every morning, "Just Love Me."

"Let's work together to help you find your inner release and conquer your goals."

I didn't just stop here. In 2016, I took yet another leap of faith, and I left my dream job doing Marketing & Development to unleash my passion for spreading light and love. Not having a landing place insight but a vision and feeling brought subtle ease to mind, body, and soul that everything would fall into place. Stumbling upon an opportunity, I Founded SMILE #UWokeUp, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit for traumatic brain injury awareness, SMILE #UWOKEUP.

"How do you want to define yourself and proclaim your wants?"

I soon became accustomed to knowing that I would never see the outcome if I did not try. So I was shifting my mindset to living and creating the paradigm of my truth. 

"Are you ready to create the space to align your passion and truth?"

I understand the other side of the wall, too. You are stuck. You are constantly being bogged down by others spewing inadequate information and nonsense your way. A place where you are defined by your looks, not what you can contribute to the team: careers, hobbies, etc. A place where you do not have a voice. You are told to keep quiet, mind your manners, and join society out of respect. 

I struggled with these limiting beliefs when re-learning how to operate in the "real world." So get ready for some super smashing news - YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS. 


Take the first step for you and give me a call today; I welcome this, and I feel deeply that every conversation propels us further on our path - if we accept this.  

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