Boldly Transition
you are the decider of what you mix in your salad of lettuce.


Set Your PASSION free


Are you feeling stuck; like you do not know where to turn next? 

Are you battling a transition in life, visiting a place that you have never been before?

Do you notice yourself taking, or trying to take, more control?

How does this make you feel? What decisions and choices will you make?

Join me, learn to validate your own truth. While holding space to foster the harmonious balance within.

Life Coaching areas I focus on ...

  • Career

  • Wellness

  • Life Satisfaction

What you can expect ​with GOPHER

  • Define your values and goals

  • Learn how to GOPHER

  • Give yourself permission and learn to navigate towards your wants

  • Connect with the divine and learn how to be in breath with your subconscious


Honor yourself and hold space for periods of time that may shift. Learn to listen and move with your breath, and focus on your goals.

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