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What is GOPHER all about?

GOPHER is a life-coaching program for women to complete at their own pace and when the time is right for YOU. I understand investing time in yourself during training, making dinner, and going to work, but don't forget to take the time needed to grow and prosper, creating the abundance you genuinely seek.

GOPHER is a virtual life-coaching program broken down into six modules, each letter being its chapter. Every module contains a video, introduction, activity, and tools for your mind to explore further what you genuinely want. 150 pages | 25,000 + words that provide you with the tools to leverage your wants


If you are ready to commit to yourself, a good start is by making changes toward personal development, trauma, transition, self-confidence, or none of these above - but goals. GOPHER program can work for you. 

If you are seeking a life coach, you ultimately are establishing the beginning steps of accomplishing a goal to make a personal change. I have both components to provide you with a rocking experience. 



G = Establish your goals; what do you want to accomplish?

O = What do you feel are your immediate obstacles and opportunities?

P = Knowing the above, let's make a plan - It won't work unless you work it!

H = Ask for help; nobody succeeds without help from their friends. 

E = Execute and live the experience fully.

R = No one gets to where they want to be without the importance of rest. 


This program is digital and can be printed; it is your GOPHER bible to manifest your creation—a place to start by taking your first step - without seeing the whole staircase.

A vision and masterpiece that only you can create - after all, there is only one you.

Put your shoes on, girl, and lace them up. You're about to climb your mountain with love, self-confidence, and internal bliss - GOPHER your dreams into reality.

Through GOPHER, you can email me any questions you may run into while completing the program. I am here to encourage you to reach higher and aim larger.

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