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Overcome Trauma
 Inspire, motivate, and help you uncover and rediscover your passion, truth, and goals while tackling within to overcome personal obstacles and blockages.

Traumatic events do not need to hold space in your being; you can choose to release this energy. 

I focus on areas of trauma that directly apply to situations I have been exposed to, leaving me with a greater purpose and passion for guiding brain injury survivors, family members, caregivers, etc., out of the storm of darkness and finding the light. 

Life Coaching areas I focus on:

  • Physical

  • Medical Trauma

  • Sexual Abuse

  • PTSD

  • Early Childhood Trauma

What to expect with GOPHER

  • Reclaim your passion and purpose and identify your wants

  • Provide the space for the client to create clarity and goals 

  • GOPHER program - over 150 pages filled with activity

  • Guide you to find the "new" you in alignment with the present

  • Let go of feeling trapped, stuck, or suffocated

  • Overcome inner trauma

trauma 1.jpg

Break away from this and discover your strengths - reach the other side. Shed limiting beliefs to move forward by hurdling over the barriers standing in your way. Everything in life is a choice. 

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