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Accountability ???

ACCOUNTABILITY? How are you with holding yourself accountable?

Last week was my birthday and for my birthday I had set out to do, in my opinion, a gnarly challenge. Ever birthday needs a little excitement - especially your 30th birthday!!

My challenge included two wheels between my legs, a 5,000 elevation gain, 35 + miles, and 30 hill climbs up Rabbit Mountain in Lyons, Colorado.

However, as amazing as this accomplishment felt at the end - 30 hill climbs later. My elevation gain and mileage did not add up with my 30 hill climb challenge, so that night I took it back to Strava.

Since I do not pay for Strava, my analytics are limited. However, I found a hidden (maybe only hidden to the me) module that explained I had only completed 26 hill climbs... Bullocks. Everything began to make sense. I took 4 hydration | fuel | potty breaks and must have miscounted, well obviously I had miscounted.

Devastated that the goal was not made exactly how I had envisioned, I knew there was only one thing to do. Dabble in the remaining 4 hill climbs the next morning, holding myself accountable for the challenge that I set out to do.

On Thursday, 6.63 miles and 4 hill climbs up Rabbit Mountain later, I finally was able to say that I finished what I had started. 30 HILL CLIMBS for my 30th birthday!!

See friends, we always have to choice. Showing up is half the battle and holding ourselves accountable will take us the remainder of the way!!