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Change your mindset - create your change

Through many trials and errors, conversation after conversation with my higher powers, and a solo hike on the bottom half of Mt. Antero, a 14-er on the Colorado Trail. A sign was thrown my way.

"Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences."

This hit harder than you know. Since my accident, eight years ago, I have chosen to live with the mindset of "recycling friends" when we are no longer in alignment or serve one another. What I was NOT aware of though, was that this process and overall thought mentality was seeping into the larger picture of Molly Cain lifestyle, and was posing as an obstacle of reaching goals. Who knew?

I gave myself the kind reminder of, "I choose, I get to decide how my mind is crafting the message to my inner being to prevent any recycling of past experiences to unfold." Totally taking me back to the drawing board.

When I made the decision to tighten up, re-align, and re-group with my thought processes, and I analyzed the "why" for how I interacted and handled situations with goals, careers, relationships, finances, etc. I found that I have a great base for a starting place with room for improvement and growth. A few tools that I used to help me craft, dream, and open my mind up for endless possibilities were:

  1. Learn to meditate - it does not matter if you meditate for 30 seconds of 30 minutes, starting is the first step in giving your mind what it seeks to help you evolve.

  2. Making personal development a priority - spiritual, physical, emotional, mental social

  3. Re-train your mind - my mom always had the 5 gratitude strategy, every morning and every evening

  4. Do the dirty work yourself - learn, grow, develop, and understand new passions and qualities about yourself that you did not know that you had - use your super powers, babe, and create the life you imagine.

  5. Make yourself vulnerable - vulnerability is a major sign of growth and self honor and improvement. Personally, for me emotion and intuition is my number one guide. By being vulnerable, I have been able to move mountains that once stood in my way.

Here is to changing your thought process to change your life, YOU are the writer of your own story. Don't let your past or anyone else try to define who you are, only you can make this change.

Through overcoming being in a coma and re-learning virtually everything, I've had a lot of time to sit, meditate, process, sort, and re-build the future that I am creating. I empower women to help them GOPHER their personal abundance in whatever fashion this looks like for them: confidence, trauma, personal development or transition.

Visit: to learn more

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