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Today, something remarkable happened to me. I was able to get out of my own way once I navigated what it was that I allowed to truly stand in my way. CONTROL.

After I landed on this discovery, I needed to dig deeper - wanting to connect and align all pieces of this puzzle that we call life. I replayed past instances, all sharing one common denominator, control. I followed this thought up with, "let go", and gave intention to this word. Analyzing within each part of my body how I felt within that one area and what did I feel that I needed to let go of in that specific space. This led to a whirlwind of ideas and things began connecting in unexpected ways.

What an odd and magical day on all levels, filled with so much gratitude, love, utter peace and happiness, trust, hope, and belief. I am humbled to see what happens with this knowledge bestowed within me. Trust and believe, babes, you have the vision to manifest!

---> Have you ever asked yourself what it is that is standing in your way?

---> Do you ever feel like you are standing in your own way? If so, what are ways that you work around these feelings and this energy?

---> Can you relate to magical days that are unexplainable? Share the excitement that was felt.

I am so stoked to sleep tonight to grace thought with the intention to fuel my manifestation!