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Create Space For YOUR Healing

How do we stay aligned during a crisis?

As healing and wholeness can only occur when the mind, body, and spirit are in balance.

Healing is an intention and wholeness, in my eyes, is a feeling. How do we align for these two modalities to be in sync?

This is a conscious mental choice to improve your health or the health of others. It includes the expectation of improved well-being and hope of the desired goal being reached with added success. It also includes the understanding of personal meaning in your life and work and their balanced efforts.

Don't underestimate the power of the mind and your subconsciousness. What we choose to put energy into, our subconsciousness aligns these thoughts, vibrations, and visions to shape our reality. Make sure your thoughts are kind, loving, and prosperous as these thoughts become a designated pathway.

Tips to setting your intention toward healing.

The first, AWARENESS. The more that we are aware of our surroundings and in tune with thy-self and breath. "How do I feel?" Helps you decipher what the body is telling you.

If you need to become "centered" to find your awareness, do whatever activity speaks to you to allow your practice and balance to be whole.

From here, what is your INTENT? Now that you are aware of your body and mind on a new subconscious level, what do you want to reach?

When we can clearly speak into our wants and are able to ask the universe for specifics, we find that we can bring our intention to live in a peaceful and healing demeanor providing alignment.

Lastly, lets REFLECT. The stories that we make up in our minds are HUGE and play a significant role on our pathways and journey. When your sense of meaning in life changes, you can have chaos and feelings of distress that give off stress and anxiety.

Knowing your purpose and meaning behind your purpose, is a centered feeling of accomplishment no matter what you are aiming to achieve.

How do I find meaning?

Get out your handy dandy journal, it is time to write, create, and envision what this meaning means to you, and only YOU!

I recommend starting with the question, "who am I", and letting the rest stem on your paper and start by reflecting your subconscious thoughts. Continue to ask yourself questions to open the mind up to exploration. "What is my purpose?" "What are my goals?" etc.

You may be like me and take this one step further wanting to truly to understand the balance of our mind and spirit.

What I found took me on a completely intense psychological journey of bliss, love, and light. How to identify SOMA AND PSYCHE and what this means ...



Psyche and Soma is a multi-disciplinary exploration of the history of understanding of the human mind or soul and its relationship to the body, through the course of more than two thousand years.

There is an ancient legend of Cupid and Psyche, Venue was jealous of Psyche's beauty and plotted a plan to punish her through love to a hideous creature. The first creature that would appear upon awakening. But when Cupid saw her beauty, he was so overwhelmed that he accidentally wounded himself with his own arrow and thus fell deeply in love with her. The tale then describes how Venus was unsuccessful with keeping Cupid and Psyche apart, makes sense, which in turn makes us think about the difficulty of separating the soul from desire.

How do we render a peaceful, harmonious and fruitful coordination between the mental and psychic aspects of our experiences and our somatic functioning? If soma and psyche are bound together, how do we treat any malfunctions in their collaboration of efforts? Should we then focus on the improvement of coordination by raising our vibration of mental consciousness of bodily feelings and actions, thinking more attentively about thy-body and thy-self, developing a heightened, reflective body consciousness? Or would this increased awareness only magnify our problems by allowing focus to our body-mind relationship, which in turn takes focus away from our goals and intended focus leading us to a psychologically unhealthy self-awareness and critical self-examination.

So what do we do? How do we reconcile the dangers of somatic self-study with the quest of psychological self-knowledge through critical self-scrutiny, without excluding the body from thy self?

Only you can answer this for you.

For me, this mind exploration of the subconscious playing field solidified that this journey of life is truly magical and we are capable of creating so much more that what is deemed as possible.

--------- The BLANK is anything that you want to become in life ...

"It's not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts." - Mother Teresa

Schedule a FREE consultation today, take action to fill in your blank and let's GOPHER a plan to get you there!

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