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Grounded, does this mean to literally have two feet on the ground, one step at a time kind of thing? Does this mean to have your chakras aligned - thinking, where would I even start? Maybe grounded refers to finding overall life balance? What does GROUNDED mean to you? I felt, for me, grounded was a warm blanket of secure and safe thoughts and emotion. A feeling of hope, bliss, and peace, with an utter sense of adventure and excitement. A feeling of self-accomplishment, living one day at a time but building the space to grow and flourish how nature intended. Grounded, to me, meant so much more than two feet planted, my career, a non existent relationship, what part of town I lived on, etc. To be grounded was a feeling of self. A feeling of clarity. A feeling of knowing that the present moment is where I am intended to be - right NOW.  If you are asking yourself what grounded means to you. I encourage you to give yourself the 5 minutes of space to identify what intention and impact the word "grounded" has upon you. A few pointers:

  • Any physical movement will help you to become more grounded (dancing, walking, sports, gardening, etc.)

  • Meditation 

  • Anytime you focus your attention on your body, starting at the crown and working your way downward, feeling every inch of your body. You are finding a grounding pose, which helps to align your root chakra. 

If you are not familiar with chakras and what they mean. In much Western scientific evidence it was found that spiritual energy translates into physical manifestations. With this, the study of the seven chakras is deeply rooted in the belief that "when our chakras are opened and aligned, our energy is free and openly open to receiving. The seven chakras represent your entire self: physical, emotional and spiritual. This overall balance of the body is what is known to help ones body reach homeostasis.  A few steps to chakra greatness - 

  1. Find a place where you can become totally one with the body, where you do not have any distractions.

  2. Take three large deep breaths: Take a big 4 second inhale - hold for 4 seconds - exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat this three times. 

  3. Set an intention for balancing your chakras or if you are focusing on a specific chakra, which one and why? Identify your overall goal

  4. Place your hands on the chakra of your choice. If you are choosing to focus on a specific chakra, this may be a great starting placement for you

  5. Keep your hands here as you breath in and out into your intention. Listen to the energy and feel the wisdom. 

  6. Once you feel as if you've received the knowledge you were seeking, move onto the next chakra. Continue this pattern until all 7 chakras are complete. 

Remember, these are just suggestions to find healing. But it won't work unless you work in. You are the decider of your manifestation and your destination.