Grounded, does this mean to literally have two feet on the ground, one step at a time kind of thing? Does this mean to have your chakras aligned - thinking, where would I even start? Maybe grounded refers to finding overall life balance? What does GROUNDED mean to you? I felt, for me, grounded was a warm blanket of secure and safe thoughts and emotion. A feeling of hope, bliss, and peace, with an utter sense of adventure and excitement. A feeling of self-accomplishment, living one day at a time but building the space to grow and flourish how nature intended. Grounded, to me, meant so much more than two feet planted, my career, a non existent relationship, what part of town I lived on, etc. To be grounded was a feeling of self. A feeling of clarity. A feeling of knowing that the present moment is where I am intended to be - right NOW.  If you are asking yourself what grounded means to you. I encourage you to give yourself the 5 minutes of space to identify what intention and impact the word "grounded" has upon you. A few pointers: