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How do you show up for yourself?

Familiar with the phrase, "Show up for yourself?"

Showing up for yourself means, "Taking a break from all of that in order to be mindful and present, to care for your own health, or to nurture your own creativity and energy."

How do you choose to show up for yourself by making your own needs - practical, physical emotional, or spiritual - a priority?

This past week, I turned thirty-years-old with my one intention | focus of this new chapter - being, to show up for myself.

I started this endeavor with the birthday challenge: X 30 mountain hill climbs up rabbit mountain X 30 times for my 30th birthday, with 30+ miles ... Seems fun, right? Who doesn't want two wheels between their legs?

On Wednesday, when I showed up for myself and realized that showing up was the biggest challenge, and accomplishing the challenge was just the cherry on top, I wanted more. I became increasingly amped to ALWAYS show up for myself. This was exciting, new, fun, and full of unknowns outside my comfort zone - sign me up!

Continuing ...

On Sunday, I choose to show up for myself by road biking an OUTRAGEOUS, mountainness, partial dirt track of a 40 miles ride, that showed wildlife all the way up reaching the top of Rocky Mountain National Park at 12,000 elevation - 5,000 + elevation gain.

During this breathtaking, exhausting, exhilarating, adventurous, thrill seeking, gorgeous, nerve-racking, ride that unleashed every part of the Molly Cain dragon. I committed to the practice of always showing up for myself, as the reward is a far greater return.

Coming to the strong realization that if we don't show up for ourselves in all facets of life, we will never know the outcomes; therefore, I am always showing up for myself, to get to where I want to be, while overcoming the challenges along the way, no matter where this takes me.

Molly Cain mantra, "The world is your playground, what will you create?"

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