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How does one center?

How does one center? Well, this question is different for everyone as nobody is alike. Similar, but not synonymous.

This way of thinking is like a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and not one is the same. Similar, never identical.

The name is Molly Cain. Through many trials and errors and fine-tuning, I am leaning into passion, purpose, self-commitment, and strength. I am a lifelong learner, sharing my tools and approaching the starting line differently. This time, as a TBI-er who leads loudly.

I lead by example and will continue putting in the personal work to provide my clients, business partners, teammates, neighbors, and friends with the 100% authentic attention they deserve. All centered around how I can best support them to reach their personal goals.

If you have a thought, temptation, idea, or dream, GOPHER (Go-For) it!

Well, the above is true for personal Molly, too. My goal, vision, and idea were to become an endurance athlete to provide hope to TBI survivors. I am 1% to reach my level of mobility; I wanted to do something for my TBI family and be a voice for others. So I started to run. I ran to and from many things but always aimed to cross the finish line, which was a different experience every time I laced the running shoes.

Trail running, movement, and the power of healing energy, is my secret garden from the outside world. I found the trails to help me fight the anger within, let go of the rubbish I cannot control, love deeply, and forgive - not just others but 'self.

Unleash from the wild, Cainer style, from Peaks of Mt. Harvard, Buena Vista, and beyond.