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Trust your intuition. Trust your gut instinct. Only YOU know what was best for YOU. Never allow others' thoughts, feelings, emotions, to invade your direction.

For many years I felt that I needed 'approval' and 'permission' to be unapologetically authentic and truly me - Unsinkable-Molly-Cain. I questioned if this were because of my accident (coma and paralyzed)? I was curious what it would be like if I did not need to ask for help to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, take a shower, feed myself, anything that one may endure in their daily life. Let alone feel the need to explain to others why I am in a wheelchair. Why I cannot walk without assistance. Why someone was feeding me. Why I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Why, why, why - then one day I heard STOP. In my quiet state of mind, I remembered the world was my playground and I am able to grab life by the balls and create what I envision.

This self-encouragement and utter belief that I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to was a high-five from intuition, alignment, and inner guidance. I was on a mission.

9-years later, I have come a long way from the girl who felt she needed permission from others to be me. Instead, I choose to create the 'new' me. I was no longer the girl in the wheelchair with a broken face who couldn't walk or talk. I was the girl who decided one day to be the light of love for ALL, who wanted to help others understand that they have the power to make any change within.

The best way to help others see the power of the mind, I felt, was by leading by example. I trusted my self-intuition and created a foundation to help other TBI and mental health survivors. I tested all boundaries and limits, navigating strengths and weaknesses, and signed up for Ironman. Not only tell others they have the power to do anything but to show others that YOU literally can do any fluckering thing you set your mind to.

This morning, I share this personal truth to provide you with the encouragement needed to fully trust YOU, your intuition, inner guidance, and all magical whispers that you may have once ignored. Only YOU know what the best moves for YOU are, trust and believe. Light & Love - Molly Cain