Life is full of opportunities ...

Y'all, it has been a second since I have posted anything... Well, this is because life threw me a curveball.

This curveball was in the form of many things: finances, employment, death, housing, 501(C)(3), and everything in between. This curveball allowed me to grow and prosper from within, holding nothing but my WHY in my hands. And my why, friends, for everything that I encounter is SMILE #UWokeUp.

I did it again, and I began to GOPHER my program backward to land in a groovy spot continuing forward.

In 2012, I had already faced the hardest thing thus far in my life, and maybe the toughest struggle I will even endure, being in a coma with the right side of my body paralyzed. I was confident that I had the tools needed to take another leap into the unknown. But this time, I had purpose, drive, and passion that was all aligned with my way. The Unsinkable-Molly-Cain was about to unleash, and I couldn't wait for these opportunities to follow.

I am not referring to opportunities that were in the form of anything concrete. Rather in the form of feeli