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Have you asked yourself what "living healthy" means to you?

Land on any bullet points?

Were any of the bullet points what are listed below?

  1. Get Healthy

  2. Stable Career

  3. Happy Marriage

  4. Mental Health

OR, were they something along these lines...

  1. Get Outside And Explore Nature

  2. Eat Clean

  3. Center Your Alignment

  4. Do Things That Nurture You

Whatever living healthy means to you, give yourself permission to have it.

For me, living healthy is a lifestyle, and choice. Living healthy is not just about eating fruits and vegetables, and watching my protein and carbohydrate intake. It is about releasing endorphins and fueling my soul and spirit to reach for a higher vibrational frequency. AKA - Giving the mind, body and soul what it needs; nature!

Living healthy is a balanced lifestyle, to include doing things that may not always be in your comfort zone as long as it is legal, ethical, and moral.

How I reach this longitude and latitude goal of uncomfortable, is by facing my limiting beliefs in nature. I listen to the trees and use the flowers and leaves as my guide, serving as my compass and direction in everyday life.

Though, I find great comfort in nature, I am also completely terrified of the realities that can happen in nature: an encounter with a mountain lion, hungry bear, moose and her babies. Which is another reason nature is my guide, because it helps me to release energies that are taking up space. AKA - FEAR.

How do you stay balanced, while living a healthy lifestyle AND what does this mean to you?

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