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Outside Looking In ...

When you glace at yourself from the outside looking in, what do you see?

Give yourself permission to open up into this space - whether this be in nature, curled up in a blanket, or anywhere that you are able to connect to your inner soul. Creating a trusting and harmonious balance within for you to dream and create your vision (whatever this is for you specifically: personally, professionally, specific job, home, relationship, finances, etc).

In the space I gave myself, I found an overall healing and calming process, that allowed my roots to soak into the soil and find an overwhelming sensation of balance and grounding.

What I saw when I looked in: busy | peaceful | aligned | calm | humble | passionate | obnoxious | loving | kind | graceful | certain | faithful | persistent | joy | fun | bright | loud | honest | dreamer

I imagine this to be a subtle sign from my root chakra. Creating clarity of my journey and providing the confidence within that is needed.

When you are ready to dive into your healing journey and practice. I challenge you to take 5 - 10 minutes to ask yourself what you see when you look in?

Find your inner alignment -

A few tips and tools to help you get started in paving the way to help you find the inner alignment you are seeking.
  1. Focus On Balance

  2. Gratitude

  3. Quiet the mind: breathing techniques, meditation, yoga

  4. Care for you - identify what this means to you

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