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What gifts did you receive this week?

Everyone has a story. Others are more open to sharing personal details than some.

For me personally, why hide your truth - I say: embarrassment, limiting beliefs, trauma? What if your truth helps to shift another party's mindset of seeing their picture in a different light? What if your truth can help one person?

Molly Cain here, Unsinkablemollycain for short - not that this is shorter. I am a rambunctious, driven, compassionate, kind, and loving human, who aims to inspire women to achieving their own greatness in a plethora of ways - But we will save this story for another time.

Today, I want to share a smile and hidden gift that I was bestowed with this week during an uncertain time. Asking you what gifts you received this week???

Gifts are all in the eyes of the beholder!

Late last night, after a 50 + mile bike ride, Calwood fire starting that included evacuations a mile away, packing an escape bag for the nugget and I, a hot shower and clean slippers. I decided to climb onto my laptop to crank out a little more work toward accomplishing my personal goals. Knowing, that I had zero control over anything else, I decided to continue my manifestation plan. An hour or so later, I was finished designing an image for GOPHER. I went to save the design file and there was a save option for "CAD". Tears streamed down my face, a handful of thank you's left my lips, a smile sprung from ear to ear, and my heart was so happy and full. Higher powers, I screamed, FLUCK yes!

The journey of unsinkablemollycain, started with a stone. But as most folks know, stones and pebbles go missing, become broken, misplaced, or thrown far, far away. Some stones are meant to stay with you on your journey for a lifetime, and other stones are to provide you with an experience, a memory, a reminder to hold you grounded in the upmost magical way for the present moment.

My stone, introduced me to a whole new castle filled with history and knowledge that was so openly and readily available and shared. My stone, kept me safe and protected me against danger perceived to the eye. My stone, provided me with many building blocks and stepping pebbles that enhanced me further into the unknown. My stone, gave me motivation, inner alignment, and an abundance of encouragement and love. My stone, shattered, and a part of me followed. This enabled me with a clean opportunity to re-build, re-shape, and re-form what it was that I was seeking.

During this time, a few things became so vividly clear. No stone, was my stone. I held zero entitlement to anything or anyone. All that I had FULL control over was me and the decisions that I choose.

With this in mind, I asked myself "What do you want?"... My response was, "To empower women to remove roadblocks, personally and professionally, helping them to overcome life transitions and trauma, building the self confidence within to do so." So I got started.