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Who's your motivation?

You know what they say, a dog is a girls best friend.

Meet Phoebe. This little nugget came to me in the most roundabout, odd, lingering way possible. I am certain our paths aligned to let me know that The Universe ALWAYS has my back!

Four months ago, I rescued Phoebe not knowing what the future had in store for either one of us. Oddly enough, when I spotted this 5 month old nugget on Craigslist we shared the same name, and the family had brought her home from the breeder the same day that I had lost my previous pup.

Signs were all around and I had no choice, in my mind, but to jump - I needed this white ball of fur, love, and snuggles. The adventures of Molly's ...

After we drove 3 + hours together in a Colorado blizzard, we were finally home with a car full of puppy vomit and shakes. I was not sure what this decision of bringing home a puppy meant or how it was going to play into the life of Molly Cain, but I also knew that there was only one way of knowing.

During the white knuckling car ride home, I tried the names Moza, Winter, Snow, even Molly when she was not liking the other names. Nothing was sticking. Until a few days later when someone said, "The adventures of Molly and Phoebes." Sold.

This is exactly what Phoebe has brought me, an adventure of truly understanding and learning who Molly Cain is, by giving myself permission to be unapologetically me.

Phoebe has helped me overcome personal fears and battles, and stand in my truth - truth never lies. Phoebe is by my side when I fall and she helps me get back up, when I am in tears because I hold an emotional Leo goddess vibe, or when I am enthralled in complete giggles and she just wants to give love. Her intuition is always on point, and she knows exactly what I need - even when I'm clueless.

I cannot wait to see what we create together - I hear endless adventure and exploration and motivation to continue to live life fully!

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