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You Have A Voice, Ask Yourself What YOU Want?

Everyone is on their own spiritual journey whether we recognize this or not. I became aware of my spiritual journey 8-years-ago when I woke up from being in a coma, I just did not know how it would transform into my life.

As a young women who was not only re-adapting to the real world, in terms of re-learning everything about how society functioned and how to live in it. I also had to learn who "Molly" was all over again. What are her morals, her beliefs, her passion, and what did she want from life?

These were questions that only I could provide answers to, which meant it was time to get real with myself and navigate responses.

Re-creating who you are as a member of society, with understanding and being knowledgeable of social cues and how to communicate with others was challenging at times. Add emotion to this bundle of inner chaos and you have yourself a circus of emotion. Emotion of self-doubt. Emotion of relationship. Emotion of work. Emotion with others. Emotion from anything bringing impactful energy into your personal space.

This was where the power of breath was adopted and frequently used. I was able to quiet the mind and watch others with their interactions, to find and pick up on social ques. I observed others confidence and inner strength, and I mirrored their behavior to replicate these similar patterns in my life. Helping me to overcome the impossible. "IM-POSSIBLE."

Every mountain that was moved had a bolder that needed to be climbed. Leap frog at it's finest, in the fashion of the UnsinkableMollyCain.

My mountain was waking up from a coma | Deciding how to create the life I wanted to live.

My bolder(s) consisted of: employment, relationships, physical, mental, emotional abuse, harassment, and living authentically true.

I would NOT change any of it for the world!!

Because of my journey and the tools that were captured along the way. The personal growth and development that was made. The true understanding of the word "purpose" in it's forever transforming and evolving form. I encourage other women to identify what it is that they want out of life and how to make this their reality. GOPHER your dreams into manifestation.

Unsinkable programs offered:





Note, this program will not work unless you work it.

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